• Creative use of light
  • Removing shower handles
  • Nail polish In the toolbox?

  • Shine A Light

    When trying to turn off the water during a nighttime call, a small section of 3/4-inch I.D. rubber hose taped to the lower end of your curb key will come in very handy. Once you have located the water meter, you can take your Mini Mag-Lite and slide it (lens down) up and into the rubber hose. This will put light inside the water meter box and help you place the curb key on the meter cock without having to stick your hand into the meter box.

    Kenny Hart
    KC Hart and Co.
    Virginia Beach, Va.

    Two For One

    I’ve used a couple of tips to help remove a round tub/shower handle. First, if you can’t get the screw in the center out with a hand tool, take your battery-operated drill with a good grip and it will come out with one shot. Second, if your handle-puller slips off the back edge, put a stainless-steel clamp right on the end and tighten it. It will come right off.

    Vic Bulaich
    Burko Services
    Inglewood, Calif.

    In A Pinch

    Here’s a tip handed down to me when I was a pup repairing oil burners. I was running calls with one of the senior guys and noticed some clear nail polish in his toolbox. I guess he noticed a strange look on my face, so he filled me in (after busting my chops and telling me he gave manicures on the side).

    If you ever are on a late call and do not have a replacement set of porcelains for the electrodes, take the nozzle assembly apart, clean it off good, and coat the porcelain insulator at the hole or crack with nail polish. Allow it to dry and reassemble. It will get your customer through the night or better in a pinch.

    Paul Mitchell
    ITAK Heating & Cooling
    Howell, N.J.

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