The design of AW & Sons' service trucks convey the feeling of a well-stocked, well-used toolbox.

This month’s company chosen for Truck Of The Month is even older than PM! For 28 years, AW & Sons Plumbing has been servicing all things plumbing in its area of Whittier, Calif. From repairs and remodels to re-piping and installations, ownerAaron Woodward, along with fatherAnthonyand right-hand-manNathan Klewein, has thrived among his customers.

But it wasn’t until recently that the service trucks had received any recognition on the road. I spoke with managerDeborah Woodwardabout the transformation.

“We used to have man with the sun behind him as the graphic on our trucks, but we never really received comments from customers saying they were calling because they saw them on the road,” she says.

In 2006, with the help of a graphic designer, AW & Sons’ two new Chevy Express Cutaways plus one Ford F250 with utility box and rack received “manly makeovers” with an eye-catching toolbox theme. They now demand a second look from customers.

Riveted signage totes its “Because You Deserve The Best” motto as well as the company phone numbers. A powerful-looking fist and wrench points out AW & Sons services and accentuates the rear. (I also love it when a company takes advantage of vanity license plates. This featured truck’s plate reads “AWNSONS” while the others have a variation.)

Even the unique box design conveys the feeling of a well-stocked, well-used toolbox. Easy-access compartments makes grabbing gear and equipment a quick job for techs, and further suggests this is one company with the right tools for the job.

“Now people call us all the time saying, ‘We just saw your truck,’” Deborah tells me proudly.

Being able to tie in the look of his trucks with his companyWeb sitewas another plus with getting the makeover, Aaron says. “It’s a complete package.” The site is an interactive toolbox homepage with sound effects and quirky tool play.

With 28 years under its toolbelt, AW & Sons proves a little re-invention helps impress existing customers and cleverly snares new ones, too.

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