Just one Atmospheric Water Generator can extract moisture through a condensation process and transform it into 3-5 gallons of pure, healthy drinking water.

WaterPure International Inc., a marketer of water production and treatment products in the United States and abroad, says few building owners know that there is enough water in the atmosphere to generate pure, clean drinking water for everyone in an organization.

The company’s Atmospheric Water Generators extract moisture from the atmosphere through a condensation process and transforms it into healthy drinking water. Using high intensity ultra violet (UV), it eliminates microorganisms, including bacteria and viruses. Test results by WaterPure water measured 99.9 percent purity, far exceeding EPA requirements.

Operating on standard 110v power, it is extremely efficient and uses a minimal amount of energy to produce water. Depending on local electricity costs, a gallon of WaterPure water could cost about 11 cents to produce.

The unit requires no plumbing, water lines or pipes, and is easily installed. Driven by a microcomputer control system, it will stop generating water when full. The WaterPure purification system uses special filters to remove any unpleasant tastes or odor that may be present in the air. The result is fresh and “delicious” drinking water.

FOX TV News recently aired a show about WaterPure’s Atmospheric Water Generator. To view the “FOX News Orlando” video segment,click here >>