Reshaping Tubing
Snaking Out Drains
Working With Phenoseal Or Vinyl Caulk

Reshaping Tubing

Reshaping the end of copper tubing can be a pain when you’re in a tight spot. I use a copper male adapter with a stainless-steel nut on the threaded end. After making my cut and cleaning the tube, I put the adapter on the tube (a little manual reshaping with smooth-jawed pliers helps) and then use a ratchet wrench to spin the adapter clockwise. Now you’re ready to put your new fitting on the tube and solder away.
Bill “Paradise” Pearce
Paradise Plumbing
Ft. Worth, Texas

Wrap A Rag

Here’s a tip when snaking out drains on equipment, such as large commercial dishwashers with a long run to the floor drain. Since they often get clogged with a thick film that the snake only punches a hole through, wrap a rag around the end of the snake head and send it through. It’s easier than setting up your water jetter and it does a very thorough job!
James Brown
Watchtower Plumbing
Wallkill, N.Y.

Handy Work

When working with Phenoseal or vinyl caulk around sinks, I find it easier to apply a bead around the area that I’m working on and then use a wet cotton glove to smooth out the finish. This works well if you keep the glove wet and rinse off extra sealant as you go. It will also keep your hands clean. When done, just rinse off the glove and hang to dry. This also eliminates the cost of rags getting thrown out after one use.
Bill Greenwood
Pemlico Plumbing
Warwick, R.I.

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