Solder Belt
Installing Disposal Sink Flange
Color-Coded Tools

Solder Belt

I've rigged a tool belt for soldering copper pipe that saves time and hassle. On the one hammer loop, I have a metal shower curtain clip, which is connected to a rebar tie that is looped through the holes in the handles of fitting brushes. All the sizes are at waist height. Emery cloth is looped through the other hammer loop.

Next, I use the tape measure spot to hold the container of flux to solder. I use the side pockets for extra fittings and for channel locks to hold or remove hot copper pipe. I also have rags for clean up.
Andrew Smith
Sunny D HVAC
North Versailles, Pa.

It's A Snap

I have found that when you install a disposal sink flange with a snap right (split ring), it is difficult to hold all of the parts in position while you fit the snap ring in place. It helps to put a small wire nut, such as a blue or grey wire nut, over one end of the snap ring. The other side of the snap ring will rest on the top of the [nut]. This expands the snap ring enough to easily slide over the flange. Once it is in place, you can pop the open end off of the wire nut and slide the wire nut off of the other end, snapping it into place.
Mike Dudley
Harris-Dudley Plumbing Co.
Salt Lake City, Utah

Color Key

Use inexpensive plastic dip (available at any hardware store) to dip handles for pliers, screwdrivers, etc. Not only will it give you a better grip, you can “color code” your tools so you don't mix them up with other people's tools.
Lisa Vail
Main Enterprises
Stratford, Ct.