Removing Old Kitchen Faucet
Homemade Copper Slip Coupling
Calcium Remover

Drill Trick

When removing an old kitchen faucet from a stainless-steel sink, I have battled old, rusty mounting brackets, washers and nuts on the underside of the faucet and sink. When a basin wrench and a deep-well socket wrench won’t do the job, I have had success using my cordless drill with a “hollow” holesaw bit.

The reason it is “hollow” is because the pilot bit must be removed from the center. Use a holesaw bit that fits around the mounting bracket nut on the underside of the faucet. Be sure to wear safety glasses and long sleeves because hot metal shavings do fall down on you as you drill through the bracket. Use caution so that the sink is not damaged. This method of removing an old kitchen faucet has saved me hours of frustration.

Casey Procter
Ivey Mechanical Co. LLC
Stone Mountain, Ga.

Waste Not, Want Not

Don’t throw away those 1/2-inch extension tubes that are cut off from 3/8- or 1/2-inch chrome extension shut-offs. They make a great 1/2-inch copper slip coupling.

John Cusik
Marshfield Plumbing
Marshfield, Mass.

Calcium Remover

When you see a white crystal-like buildup on a joint, it’s calcium. Soak for a few minutes in vinegar and it will come apart easily. Works on nuts and bolts, too.

Bud Rines
Bud’s Service
Quincy, Mass.

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