Easy Lav Bowl Replacement
Wax Rescues Broken Bolts
Saving Driveways And Sidewalks

Easy Lav Bowl Replacement

When replacing countertops and using existing lavatory bowls, the caulk around and under the edge of the bowls will cause the bowls to crack when being lifted up and out of the countertops. A trick we have found is to apply PVC clear primer over and around the bowl. This will soften the caulk, allowing the bowl to be removed without breaking.

After a little cleanup, the new countertop can be installed, saving labor and the cost of replacing lavatory fixtures.

Shayne BaysandWilliam L. Correa
B.C. Mechanical
Niles, Mich

Wax Rescues Broken Bolts

Here is a fast and easy way to remove bolts or studs that are broken off at the surface, or a thread or two below the surface. Take a washer one-size smaller than the bolt to be removed and center the washer hole over the broken bolt. Weld the two together, then weld a nut to the washer.

Before the weld cools, hold a small candlestick to the washer. The wax will melt into the threads, acting as a lubricant. Then simply back the bolt out with a wrench. I’ve used this method many times and it makes a hard job much easier.

Duane Reiman
Reiman Welding
Butte, Neb.

Saving Driveways And Sidewalks

When we do new water services from the street to the basement and cannot pull a new line, we have to excavate the front lawn. To avoid having to pull up a sidewalk or driveway, I took a conventional 1 1/4-inch hammer drill bit, cut off the spline end that goes in the drill and the bit end. Then I welded a 12-foot length of 3/4-inch black steel pipe between the two ends, creating a 12-foot long bit for drilling under driveways and sidewalks. Works great!

Jeff Fosbre
Town Plumbing & Heating
Dunellen, N.J.