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This month’s Truck Of The Month will soon be biodiesel ready.

Double The Service - Helping Customers & The Environment

It’s appeal times two for this month’s Truck Of The Month. With identical twin brothersDavidandJimmy Schuelkeat the helm of Schuelke Plumbing Inc. in Los Angeles, the company strives for double the service for its customers, resulting in twice the satisfaction.

But enough of the multiplication references, let’s talk truck.

Schuelke Plumbing has 10 total trucks (and still growing). Their makes and models vary from the Chevy S-10 to the Ford LCF.

The company’s ample range of body sizes and styles accommodates the specific needs of its service teams - the Sewer Division; Repipe Crew; Remodel Team; Hydrojetters; and Service and Repair Specialists.

However, soon all of its gas vehicles will be traded in for new biodiesel-ready trucks.

In the United States, all new diesel trucks are manufactured biodiesel ready. There are three different types of fuels you can use in a diesel engine: petroleum diesel, biodiesel and straight vegetable oil (SVO). Traditional diesel, because of its petroleum base, produces carbon dioxide, sulfur emissions, and other pollutants. It also increases reliance on foreign oil.

Biodiesel comes from renewable plant sources, which are domestically grown and abundantly available. More specifically, biodiesel refers to plant-derived diesel subjected to chemical modification that allows it to meet high industry standards (ASTM D6751) for usage in diesel engines, and prevents it from solidifying at colder temperatures.

Schuelke Plumbing’s initial motives for going green were definitely born out of its “L.A. experience.”

David and Jimmy Schuelke

“On the freeways all day long, the traffic, the smog, the pollution,” says Jimmy. “Dave and I couldn’t help but feel somewhat responsible. We tried to justify it in our minds by reassuring ourselves that our business feeds many families, and provides essential services to thousands of households and businesses in dire need of professional plumbing. But we knew there was more we could do.

“We started looking for green plumbing companies to ask for advice and guidance. To our great disappointment, we couldn’t find one. So Dave and I decided Schuelke Plumbing would step up and become the first plumbing company to ‘Go Green.’”

Trenchless technologies, tankless water heaters, and energy- and water-efficient fixtures and faucets quickly became staples of its services and products.

Then, with the help of Schuelke’s IT Director Joaquin Javier, a new digital system was put in place to reduce its paper output by 85 percent and increase efficiency by 100 percent.

Converting completely to biodiesel is next, which also gives the company an advantage.

“Instead of a series of highly specialized trucks, we now have the option of making our new fleet of ‘BioMachines’ multifaceted, dynamic and fully prepared to service any situation,” says David.

When we asked the brothers if going green was worth it, they responded, “Yes, absolutely! Jimmy and I are convinced that our efforts will make all the difference. Schuelke Plumbing Inc. has a commitment to excellence. Not just to workmanship and customer service, but also to the environment, our children and the future. We aim to become the change we wish to see in the world, and encourage others to do the same.”

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