Scenario:Year after year operations and maintenance costs continue to increase, while margins and profitability slowly dwindle. Today's plant managers and systems engineers must look to solutions providers with a focus on reliability, cost efficiency and customization.

Solution: Grundfos superior multistage pump technology.

Grundfos was the first pump manufacturer ever to create a multistage in-line pump. Known as the CR pump, this innovative design has inspired followers all over the world. Grundfos CR pumps feature a full range of sizes and limitless scope for combinations to suit your specific needs. At Grundfos, innovation is about:

  • Superior reliability
  • Unmatched cost efficiency
  • The most extensive range on the market

Superior Reliability

The CR is well known for its reliability - and rightly so. The CR design has all the durability that customers expect from a high-quality multistage pump - and then some. We have added unique features to ensure unsurpassed reliability: dry-running protection, a unique cartridge seal, and a full titanium variant.

The virtually endless range of standard and customized CR pumps means that you can find the right CR to provide reliable operation for most any requirement.

Unmatched Cost Efficiency

It may be surprising that the purchase price and maintenance costs account for less than 15% of the total lifetime cost of a pump. Electricity accounts for a staggering 85% or more of the total costs. So if you want to save money, that's where you should look.

The result of years of Grundfos development work is a 10% increase in pump efficiency. This translates into a power reduction of 15-20% for the CR pumps. When pumps are in operation many hours a day, such improvements provide substantial savings - year in and year out.

The Most Extensive Range on the Market

Choosing the right pump can be difficult. It may be easy enough to find a pump that will do the job, but it gets trickier when you want an exact match. CR is available in 11 hydraulic sizes, four basic materials and about one million configurations. You can get CR pumps with magnetic drives, with air-cooled shaft seal chambers, with double shaft seals, etc. Special CR pumps are available for high-pressure performance, for aggressive liquids, and much more. And there is a CR pump for almost any liquid you could possibly want to pump.

What can you pump with the CR?

  • Aggressive or corrosive liquids
  • Abrasive liquids
  • Toxic or explosive liquids
  • High-viscosity liquids
  • Hardening liquids
  • Crystallizing liquids
  • High pressures
  • Extreme temperatures

Grundfos Solutions

As impressive as the CR range is, Grundfos offers you much more. Our complete range of pump solutions means that you can rely on Grundfos know-how and our complete dedication to quality and service for all pump applications - industrial and domestic.