Perma-Liner Industries Inc. is located in Largo, Fla., and is a manufacturer of trenchless rehabilitation products for sewer pipes, manholes and other conduit structures. Perma-Liner Industries Inc. originated in 1998.

Since then, Perma-Liner has grown its product line and installation systems to rehabilitate service laterals, manholes, sewer mains, lateral-to-main connections and vertical pipes.

Perma-Liner has received ANSI/NSF Standard-14 Certification for Cured-In-Place-Pipe (CIPP) used in sewer plumbing pipes. The certification covers small-diameter pipes, such as house laterals and other small pipelines.

Each company installing the Perma-Liner systems is trained individually by a certified trainer of Perma-Liner Industries Inc. The installer is provided ongoing training classes to ensure each installation meets the manufacturer's requirements.

As a leader in trenchless technology, Perma-Liner is committed to providing our installers with superior products and unmatched support.

Perma-Liner Industries Inc. is a member of:

  • NASSCO - National Association Sewer Service Companies;
  • NASTT - National Association of Trenchless Technology; and
  • WEF - Water Environment Federation.
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