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More than 1,500 companies are using Aligo's H2 Servicom to improve how they do business. They're finding that a comprehensive service management solution such as Servicom allows for the streamlining of processes, reducing the amount of paperwork and dramatically increasing field productivity. Not only does this have the expected results of lowering costs, they are able to increase revenue and improve customer satisfaction at the same time.

Lost time due to inefficient scheduling is a consistent concern voiced by plumbing and mechanical contractors. In addition, the time lost when required parts aren't in the truck when needed is also a major business issue. Servicom's integrated inventory control, work order, scheduling and dispatch modules ensure that each employee is efficiently scheduled, arrives on site when expected and with the truck fully loaded with necessary parts. The result - there is no need to leave the jobsite to get the missing parts, customers are serviced on time, and the company can confidently maximize service schedules of the technicians.

Many plumbing service companies lose up to 10 percent of their revenues due to unbilled or incorrectly priced materials and labor. With Servicom Mobile, work order details are available to the technician on a PDA at the site. Changes to the work orders, parts used and accurate labor costs can be captured and signed off on by the customer at the work site, and immediately sent to the office over a wireless connection. This allows invoices to be sent to the customer almost immediately - resulting in accurate invoices, shorter billing cycles and higher revenues.

Maintaining a tradition of innovation, the award-winning Servicom is the first product in this field to offer integrated GPS tracking of employees. Dispatch and management personnel can now see the actual location of employees, and can use this information to streamline dispatch process, update estimated arrival times and identify possible personnel issues.

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