Product of the month -- Spirovent.

For more than a decade, Spirotherm Inc. has worked with top contractors and wholesalers in North America to provide customers with air-free hydronic systems. The Spirovent¿ Air Eliminator uses the original patented Spirotube¿ design to eliminate all free air, all entrained air and up to 99.6 percent of the dissolved air in the system fluid. The Spirotube coalescing medium, combined with the engineered height of the vessel and proper selection criteria, creates a velocity change within the unit that allows the air to break free of the flow path. At these low velocity conditions, the fluid is scrubbed to a level that allows it to return to the system in an oxygen-starved condition. Air pockets lodged throughout the system are then absorbed back into the fluid and carried to the Spirovent for release.

The need for frequent bleeding, purging and venting is eliminated, along with air-related system noises such as gurgling and the waterfall effect. Heat transfer is also enhanced due to the lack of an air/water mixture.

Spirovents are available from 3/4-inch through 36-inch pipe size and will handle flows up to 30,500 gpm. They are readily available and engineered for years of trouble-free use in all systems. Satisfied users join our client list on an almost daily basis with extremely positive results.

Unsurpassed efficiency, quality materials, outstanding local and factory support, and the longest warranty in the industry combine for a product that is used throughout the world. In stock at all major wholesalers and installed by innovative contractors, Spirovent “clears the air.”

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