Air in a residential hydronic system is normal. Or so, that's what many believe. Truth be told, air doesn't need to be a problem. For more than a decade, Spirotherm Inc. has worked with innovative contractors and the top wholesalers to provide customers with air-free hydronic systems.

Take it from John Javorka, a Chicago resident, who had ongoing air problems in his heating system for twelve years before he tried the Spirovent. He tried several different methods of purging air from the system - methods recommended to him by a couple of experienced boiler servicemen. He changed packing nuts on the gate valves, and when that didn't work, changed the gate valves as well. Didn't work.

“At times, there was so much air in the system that it sounded like I had a mini stream or river in the pipes,” exclaimed Javorka. Sound familiar? He continues, “I installed the VJR100TM Spirovent Junior at the start of the heating season, and the valve's performance has been excellent. I am 100 percent pleased with this valve's performance.”

Made by Spirotherm, the Spirovent[R] uses the original patented Spirotube[R] design as the core to provide unsurpassed efficiency. By using the Spirotube as a coalescing medium, the Spirovent is able to eliminate all free air, all entrained air and up to 99.6 percent of the dissolved air in the system fluid. This coalescing medium or scrubber, combined with the engineered height of the vessel and proper selection criteria creates a velocity change within the unit allowing the air to break free of the flow path. Air pockets lodged throughout the system are then absorbed back into the fluid and carried to the Spirovent for release. The need for frequent bleeding, purging and venting is eliminated along with air-related system noises such as gurgling and the waterfall effect. Heat transfer is enhanced due to the lack of an air/water mixture, and the need for rust inhibiting chemical treatment can be reviewed.

“Today, very few things work as expected or as the company advertises,” Javorka states. “The Spirovent Junior air eliminator has met all of my expectations and performs as advertised. The valve removes air like a champ!” Javorka's only complaint is that he didn't buy the Spirovent years ago!

Spirovents are available from 3/4-inch through 36-inch pipe size and handle flows up to 30,500 gpm. Available in three configurations, they eliminate both air and/or dirt problems quickly and efficiently. Satisfied users like John Javorka join our client list on an almost daily basis with extremely positive results.

Unsurpassed efficiency, quality materials, outstanding local and factory support, and the longest limited warranty in the industry combine for a product that is used throughout the world. In stock at all major wholesalers and installed by innovative contractors, Spirovent “gets the air out!”

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