Based in San Francisco, Calif., Cabrillo Plumbing and Heating prides itself on its cleanliness and professionalism. The company requires its techs to be clean-cut, and wear spotless white uniforms. One of Cabrillo's mottoes is "The people you want in your home." This month's Web site of the Month was selected for the way it projects the image of the company it serves.

The Web site,, is just one part of Cabrillo's multi-faceted approach to maintaining a competitive advantage. The site is simple and very easy to navigate - credit for that goes to Cabrillo's jack-of-all-trades Chris Lui, who organizes the company's computer systems, marketing and advertising.

The purpose of is not to attract new customers, but rather, to reinforce the company's image in the minds of customers already familiar with Cabrillo. The site "feels" simple and clean because that's what Cabrillo wants the customer to know - that dealing with the company will be simple and clean in every aspect.

One of the more interesting features of the site is the "plumbing facts" page. It details common concepts and problems found in residential plumbing systems. This also is tied to the professional image Cabrillo wants to project. Part of the Cabrillo culture is a strong emphasis on education. This doesn't mean education only for Cabrillo employees, but educating the customer as well. This helps foster trust among Cabrillo customers.

A practical concept that, at the time of this writing, was still under construction is the "scheduling" section of the site. It's a page designed to let customers schedule their own appointments with Cabrillo. The scheduling page is the first part of the third generation of, which is going to focus more on the products and services Cabrillo has to offer. The first generation of the site was used as an employment generator.

According to Cabrillo co-owner Jeff Meehan, "People buy for trust, and we need to create that through our culture." This Web site is an excellent example of a company using the Web to solidify and project its clean, professional and informative image.