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Cell Phones Are Tools, Too

Just finished reading Jim's editorial regarding cell phone usage and operating a vehicle (“Let's Stop Yakking Ourselves To Death,” April 2005). I agree completely.

We are incorporating the same concepts in a discussion of tools (because cell phones are tools as much as wrenches) in our revision of the Year One Apprentice Manual for PHCC. We also point out the distraction (and corresponding hazards) that using a cell phone can produce when on a busy jobsite.

The Year One Apprentice Manual revision is the first of four, and it is on track for June or July shipping. PHCC had samples (about half of the book) on display at its recent Leadership Conference, April 15, in Washington, D.C. It is printed using the four-color process, has new and updated material, and we think it is very good-looking!
Richard E. White
South Bend, Ind.

Anniversary Rhyme

Editor's note: The following poem comes from Breslaw Plumbing Inc. President Richard Breslaw. The mid-Manhattan company celebrates 75 years in business this year.

George Breslaw, our founder, arrived in New York, in 1923
An immigrant from Poland, he came to our city.
Focused, able and strong
He got a job and it didn't take long.

Hired by a plumber, he found his niche
From a profession, he would never switch.
So then he opened his own business in 1929
Hard working, intelligent and focused, he did just fine.

Four years later, a wife he did take
And within a few years, a family they did make.
With three sons to raise and educate
Spawning two more plumbers was great.

Milton the eldest, led the way
For Richard the baby, to continue some day.
Over the years, there were changes, and many I'll say,
To keep up the times, and to progress day by day.

Milton, has since retired, and is enjoying life
Leaving Richard, at the helm, with stress and strife.
However, Richard is lucky and I'll tell you why
His three kids are there, to carry on, as the years go by.

Now it's 75 years later, George Breslaw can see
The third generation of his business, run by the family.
He would kvell and fill up inside
With joy, fulfillment, contentment and much pride.