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Doctor Allergy

I have to say [Ellen Rohr] gave great advice: Stay away from doctors ("Fit Or Rich?" December 2004). But you should say allopathic doctors; there is a difference.

I work for a lot of doctors, most of my friends are doctors, but they are holistic doctors - Mercury-free dentists, chiropractors - homeopathic doctors. These doctors use herbs, homeopathic remedies, supplements first, and usually they don't need to give drugs because this stuff works without major side effects.

I haven't had a drug since I [read] the late Dr. Robert Mendelsohn's "Confessions of a Medical Heretic," which said do anything and everything first, then use drugs as a last resort. I took his advice back in 1978 and I have had no major health problems, backache, etc., since. I am 51 years young. Keep up the good work!

Joe Stulga
Stulga Plumbing
Hammond, Ind.

No Big Brother Here

Ms. Ellen Rohr, wow. Has it really come down to that at your company? "Big Brother cameras" at the jobsite spying on your employees ("Knock, Knock ... Who's There?" March 2004)? Do you have global positioning radios, too? Just in case those darn guys think about going through the McDonald's drive thru without your official OK? Maybe you should hire a private eye to follow around secretly after them, too.

What a shame it is when employers choose to hire people they are afraid of or can't trust. Probably because they are the only ones they can find that will work for $10 an hour.

The old saying comes to mind: You get what you pay for. If one doesn't respect his employer, it is really hard to work for him and do what he asks. But if you do respect your employer, the employee will do as you ask and go the extra mile to satisfy.

What a waste of time and profit to put up cameras to spy. Not to mention the message that sends to your employees: I don't trust you and I'm going to show you why! Intimidate to motivate; I'll never work like that.

If you have an employee that is not doing what is expected of him, it won't take long for it to surface. Callbacks, customers will complain, other employees will complain, too, and his time will be off-whack. Rewarding good service is the bottom line, and don't tolerate sloppy workers. If they don't do what is asked of them, they are gone. Simple.

My guess is your employees don't respect you. Maybe you should have a camera on yourself to see why. Jesus said a house divided within itself cannot stand. Think about it.

Mark Barnard
Stevenson Heating
Springfield, Ohio

Ellen responds: Hmmm. Interesting leap from on-the-job performance evaluation (fully disclosed) to snooping via the McDonald's drive thru. Got something to hide?

Correction:The PM January 2005 cover feature, "Making Work ... Work," was written by Steve Smith, PM editor.