All There In Black & White

After a falling out with a dealership over service for the company's nine vans, President Jeffrey Mushnick of Medway Oil Co. Inc. decided to keep his options open when he and service manager for 16 years Michael Watson were in the market for a new service vehicle.

This decision led him straight to a Freightliner dealer and toward a new respect for Sprinter vans.

"We were so darn impressed with its space for storage, its diesel fuel economy and all the creature comforts it affords the service technicians," says Mushnick, a third-generation owner of the company. "The Sprinters' service and maintenance is second to none, too - about 10,000 miles between check-ups."

Medway now owns two Sprinters with one on the way, all uniformly painted the company colors of black, white and red, which helps hide the sometimes dirty business of an oil, coal and propane delivery and heating company.

"Keeping clean and professional is important to our clients so it's important to us," Mushnick notes.

Medway is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, having started as "Medway Coal and Grain" in 1954 by Mushnick's grandfather Morris. Since 1986, Mushnick's "hands-on" style of management has run a tight ship of fleet organization with more improvements on the horizon.

"Medway has a 32 Point Inspection policy for its clients, and it projects our organized, clean and professional image," Mushnick says. Each service vehicle is set up the same way so each van is interchangeable with all of Medway's technicians. The Adrian shelving throughout the rear of each vehicle is professionally installed (within a speedy four hours) and holds up well to the daily wear-and-tear of Medway's 24-hour service.

Tools are taken from a side door with ease when a technician is ready to make a call. Safety gear, equipment and even the vacuums stored in each van are placed uniformly for efficient use of space and time.

And since Medway covers a large territory (55 miles across), each vehicle is properly tracked with GPS through @Road.

"We're looking into a more wireless communication approach," says Mushnick of future improvements. "It will enable us to dispatch more efficiently as well as eliminate paperwork."

Mushnick believes the permeation of the black, white and red of each Medway vehicle makes it easier when promoting itself to the community. Even the company mascot Diesel, a black and white cat (with a red collar) who lives in the offices, reflects Medway's devotion to consistent and reliable service.

"Absolutely, our vehicles stand out and are easier to recognize," Mushnick concludes. "Which makes it easy to market and get our name out there."