Want to understand the relationship between radiant heating systems and flooring materials? You'll find answers to your questions in the “2004 Radiant Flooring Guide,” an updated publication co-produced by the Radiant Panel Association and BNP Media, publishers of Plumbing & Mechanical.

The new edition is illustrated with more than 100 photos, diagrams and charts. The guide provides 68 pages of radiant flooring information not found anywhere else. Editorial coverage includes an introduction to radiant heat and flooring, heat transfer, architectural/contractor/installer/homeowner considerations, insulation calculations, control strategies, and electric and hydronic systems.

Also included is a review of floor coverings broken out in sections on cement, resilient, carpet, rugs, underlayment, tile, stone, hardwoods, engineered woods, laminates and channeled subfloors, plus a comprehensive comparative R-value chart for various flooring surfaces and subfloors.

In addition, the “2004 Radiant Flooring Guide” provides enhanced and regular listings for flooring products compatible with radiant systems, plus Product Showcase and Marketplace sections. Copies of the “2004 Radiant Flooring Guide” can be purchased for $10 each directly from RPA by calling 970/613-0100 or e-mailing info@rpa-info.com. You can also visit the RPA Web site www.radiantpanelassociation.org.