You must sign up with a deposit no later than Oct. 30 to be certain of getting a room and locking in the bargain price for the PM/Ecoflex tour of the 1999 ISH Fair in Frankfurt, Germany.

Our visit to the world’s largest plumbing-heating trade exposition will take place next March 23–28, 1999. Guests will be housed on a luxurious riverboat within walking distance of the show.

Because of extraordinary demand for housing during ISH week, rooms on the boat must be committed well in advance. The quoted price for our tour package, $1,995 for a single room and $1,495 each for double occupancy, can be guaranteed only until Oct. 30. Afterwards room availability is in doubt and prices are subject to change.

To register or for further information contact Anne Coffelt toll-free at 877/ECOFLEX (326-3539).

First Signup: Peoria, Ill., contractor Randy Arnold was the first person to sign up for the tour. “If you’ve never been to Germany, you’re missing out, and if you’ve never been to ISH, you’re missing the boat. I hope to see a bunch of my industry comrades at this fantastic place.”

“This is a very good deal,” says hydronic heating guru Dan Holohan. “I know these boats and they are in the most perfect place in Frankfurt — right on the River Main, within a mile of the show and near some great tourist stuff. If you’re thinking of going — and everyone should go at least once — this is a perfect way to do it. That’s a good price.”

“This trip is a must for all wet heads!” said Robert “Hot Rod” Rohr, in an unsolicited post to Holohan’s web message board, ‘The Wall.’ Rohr was one of the travelers on the last PM-sponsored tour in 1995.

“We had a great time on the last PM trip. Put it at the very top of our list, above T-Drills, a Ridgid pipe freeze machine, or any other business expense in this price range. You will talk about this show for the rest of your life, I promise,” said Rohr.

Remember, you must be signed up by Oct. 30 to be assured of going, and at the bargain price.