The Plumbing-Heating-Cooling-Contractors - National Association has logged the final resolutions before the start of its convention, according to its staff. This year's convention, to be held Oct. 12-17 in Nashville, Tenn., promises to be one of the most crucial in recent history.

The main discussion at the 117th Annual PHCC Convention is the group's dues structure. Nearly 1,800 PHCC-NA members have not renewed their membership since Jan. 1, leaving the organization with only 3,753 members - 32 percent less than last year.

Many state affiliates have given members the option of dropping out of the national group. North Dakota dropped 100 percent of its members, while New Mexico has suffered a 93 percent loss. (See chart.) The national organization is looking to regain some of those members who clearly expressed their opinion on the tiered dues structure implemented in October 1998 in Toronto.

Twelve resolutions are lined up for the convention. States needed to submit the resolutions in advance for legal review. Here's a summary of the resolutions:

  • Rescind the dues investment structure adopted in Toronto; revert back to $315 per member dues.

  • Amend the PHCC-NA bylaws so that national dues are based on a flat rate.

  • Restructure the current dues to be a minimum of $375 per six technicians and a maximum of $875 for 14 technicians. The scale would slide $62.50 per technician.

  • Two different resolutions would allow state-only PHCC members. State chapter members would not be required to join the national association.

  • Each participating state would receive a PHCC-NA franchise. There would be a sliding dues structure for the state association to maintain the franchise license.

  • Make both the state and national associations franchises.

  • Allow states to be a federated or open chapter. In open chapters, contractors would be able to join directly at any level - local, state or national.

  • Appoint an independent group to study the structure and management of the PHCC-NA.

  • Change the procedure for resolutions to include background and cost impact information.

  • Appoint a director representative position to the board of directors to represent any state chapter that maintains a membership of 250 members.

  • Establish leadership development and membership development at the local chapter level as top priorities.

Any resolution can be amended on the floor, according to the association.

Other developments to look for at the convention include the release of television and radio commercials highlighting the organization's Professional Product Line.