Bradford White Corp., Westburne Supply, and Watercraft Plumbing and Heating Co. Inc. have collaborated to turn a 25 ft. storage silo into one of the biggest, if not the world's largest, representation of a water heater.

Located in Suamico, Wis., about 8.5 miles north of Green Bay, the idea to convert the storage silo came to Jerry Weslow, President of Watercraft, when he was faced with a dilemma of what to do about an old abandoned barn and an adjacent silo on the company's property. The two structures were originally bound for destruction, but the local township encouraged the company to keep them in tact to preserve the community's rural atmosphere.

While brainstorming ideas that would be advantageous for both Weslow's company and the community of Suamico, a fellow employee suggested making the storage silo look like a giant water heater. Since Watercraft dedicates a large portion of its plumbing and heating business to water heaters, with more than 350 Bradford White water heaters installed annually.

Weslow decided to pursue the idea. He contacted Westburne Supply, the local wholesale distributor that carries Bradford White's exclusive line of professional water heaters. Westburne Supply then called Bradford White and, after hearing about the company's intentions, Bradford White not only authorized the use of their product image and logo, but, along with Westburne Supply, agreed to help fund the project.

One month and more than 100 gallons of paint later, the silo was converted into an incredible likeness of a giant Bradford White water heater with almost every detail included, from the company's label right down to the gas controls, and temperature and pressure relief valve.

Located along the busy highway 41 corridor, more than 45,000 motorists pass by the water heater every day as they commute to and from the metro area of Green Bay. Not only has the project proven to be an outstanding marketing idea for all three companies, it has also become an important landmark for Suamico.