The Premier® Power-Vent DV water heater from State Water Heaters will make its television debut on A&E Network’s “Flip This House.” The episode will feature a house being flipped in the Los Angeles area and will air on Nov. 22.

During the airing, host Rudy Martinez will be shown purchasing the State Premier Power-Vent DV from Lucas Plumbing in Torrance, Calif. After the purchase, the plumbers from Lucas Plumbing will be shown installing the unit in the house in Simi Valley, Calif.

In addition to “Flip This House,” State brand water heaters were also featured on HGTV’s “Dream House” program in 2007.  

The State Water Heaters Premier Power-Vent & Premier Power-Vent DV residential units offer efficiencies of up to 96 percent, a continuous* flow of hot water and added technology for homes around the U.S.

* Based on 65° F inlet water temperature and 110° F outlet water temperature - GP6 50 YTVIT=3.05 GPM, GP6 50 YTPDT=4.3 GPM