Pretty in pink? Mid-South Plumbing is. And if the pink isn’t enough, try owning a skunk — “Stinky Pinky” — as your company’s mascot. It’s almost enough to give your technicians a complex problem.

“The public really notices the pink,” says Darrell Lane II, the director of operations for the six–year–old Clarksville, TN-based company. “We feel we’re highly visible in the 70-mile radius we cover.”

Since changing the color of the vans and acquiring a mascot, Lane’s company has more than doubled in size. Mid-South, which owns four pump trucks and six service vans, is the only plumbing company in the area to own a vehicle other than the standard white.

His trucks have won two prizes, including a 1st place, in local competitions. The company trucks and mascot are slated to appear in 12 parades this summer.

“Our quality work and customer service is what makes us better than our competition,” Lane says. “It’s great to see the people’s reaction to our trucks and mascot. We’re making a connection to the younger generation.”