Tom Barrett, owner of Green Bay, Wisc.-based Water Provisions, has taken to the road in his truck, complete with all the amenities of - a bathroom?

Yes, October's "Truck Of The Month" is actually a "showroom on wheels," designed by Barrett over a year ago when he decided to bring the products his company represents directly to customers. Since last December, he has visited more than 30 local home builder and kitchen and bath shows throughout Wisconsin and Michigan's Upper Peninsula.

"When you have state-of-the-art, innovative products, their performance qualities can only be appreciated in a live demonstration," said the 32-year-old Barrett.

The interior of the 28-foot trailer, pulled by a 21-foot Ford one-ton diesel Crew Cab, was personally designed to resemble an authentic bath showroom, complete with working fixtures and running water. Aluminum tread plate flooring, carpeted walls, brochure racks and cabinetry were also included to make his truck unique.

And don't forget the full heating system and fresh coffee for travel during the long Wisconsin winter months, where Barrett hopes to get a warm welcome instead of the cold shoulder from an area known for its strong Kohler following.

"I know it's going to be an uphill battle," Barrett said of his competition, "but if people will be fair-minded to at least test the product for themselves, I know they will be convinced of the difference."

Barrett estimates his total investment in the mobile showroom will reach more than $70,000 by the end of his 12,000-mile journey.