The Ambient Air-to-Water Hydronic Heat Pump features a 5-ton capacity (rated at 60 MBH) and provides reliable space heating with outdoor temperatures as low as -13° F. Offering a COP of up to 3.95 (395% efficiency) and delivering supply temperatures of up to 140° F, the heat pump uses environmentally friendly R-32 refrigerant for high efficiency and low global warming potential. Installation is simple, whether the monoblock heat pump is installed in a new residence or is retrofitted into an existing hydronic system. It’s also easy to install as a stand-alone heat source or in dual-fuel applications. The Ambient Heat Pump is available with an optional dual-fuel controller for applications in extremely cold climates. The controller, as part of a kit, allows the installer to seamlessly integrate the heat pump with a new or existing fossil fuel or electric boiler. No additional venting or re-sizing of existing hydronic piping is necessary.