Bridging the gap between professional studies and real-world experience for University of Kansas Architectural graduate students, Studio 804 is an inspiring nonprofit that has operated over the last 27 years thanks to the support of generous donors and partners. Led by Professor Dan Rockhill, students have just nine months to oversee the design/build process for a local residential or commercial building – from the initial drafting to final installation – gaining invaluable hands-on experience. “We’re a one-stop shop and the experience is transformative for every one of them as they all learn a lot about building but also themselves in the process,” says Rockhill.  



Inspired by Studio 804’s mission and the chance to support rising architects, Duravit has been a loyal partner to the nonprofit since 2017, providing high-quality and sustainable bathroom fixtures that compliment the projects’ typically European aesthetic. This year’s project, the Pinkney Neighborhood Home in the City of Lawrence, Indiana, is the 16th LEED Platinum-certified project designed by Studio 804 featuring Duravit products. Students also had the opportunity to utilize top-performing products from the brand’s new portfolio of Ready-to-Ship Products, which expedited the design process.



With the site of the project adjacent to a flood zone and a forested backyard, Studio 804 and the students took advantage of the unique landscape and juxtaposed the home against the wooden landscape with a slightly reflective exterior. The goal was to keep harmonious styling throughout the primary and secondary bathrooms, showing that no space is any more important than the other. Each bathroom has the same sense of brightness with natural oak finishes on the Wall-Mounted L-Cube Vanity Units that compliment the wood paneling seen throughout the project, as well as L-Cube Mirrors that give ambient lighting to the room. The Architec Shower tray and other Duravit Shower products helped to create a spacious and private space for bathing. Many students had the opportunity to learn about waterproofing bathrooms for the first time with this project. Following LEED Platinum certifications and community efforts, this 2023 project features an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU), since the same high-quality products are used in the main residence and the ADU.