Currently, there are nearly two million people in the United States who do not have access to clean drinking water, and nationwide droughts are consistently placing the importance of clean water and water conservation at the forefront for homeowners. Adequate plumbing plays an integral role in the overall health of a community’s water systems and plumbers can serve as the gateway to giving homeowners clean water and helping conserve H2O.

Every day, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing technicians help clients create clean water systems and reduce water waste in cities across the country by offering water-efficient plumbing upgrades or other eco-friendly improvements to household plumbing. Plumbers can be the link to not only saving water, but money too, while also combatting water shortages across the country. Here are some ways that Benjamin Franklin Plumbing professionals help clients conserve water and enable clean water systems: 

  • Utilizing preventative maintenance as a means of water conservation: Quality preventative maintenance requires a thorough knowledge of plumbing parts and products in addition to extensive hands-on experience. Proactive maintenance not only saves homeowners money and prevents unexpected property damage, but also plays a significant role in water conservation efforts. A bad smell or clog might be a telltale sign of a problem that can quickly escalate, as water can be very damaging to property. Ultimately, this preventative maintenance will allow homeowners to conserve water and money, both of which are precious commodities in light of ongoing clean water issues.
  • Improvement of water quality for a healthier environment: Water filtration and subsequent softening systems help to reduce the levels of substances that can often invade a home’s drinking water, such as calcium and magnesium. Plumbers offer a variety of filtration systems that can help reduce the accumulation of deposits on plumbing lines, appliances, and fixtures around the house. By improving water quality, homeowners not only contribute to a healthier environment, but they also can save money and help conserve water in the long run.
  • Implement innovation and use cutting-edge conservation products: Plumbers thoroughly understand the tools and technology of their trade. They are knowledgeable about products such as tankless water heaters and low-flow appliances. Information and the implementation of water conservation policies will continue to improve as new strategies are adopted to encourage efficient and effective management of water sources. Updating old equipment like toilets can help homeowners reduce their environmental footprint and promote a more sustainable future by using less water to flush. 

Plumbers can offer a myriad of solutions as reducing water waste continues to play a vital role in the global water crisis. While consumers can implement helpful habits like turning off water when brushing teeth or repurposing rainwater for gardening, plumbing professionals can help with the bigger tasks that will ultimately save people water and money. 

Since indoor plumbing plays a central role in water usage regulation, plumbing professionals are critical in ensuring water systems are efficiently disposing of waste and properly filtering water to remove toxins and impurities. The Punctual Plumbers of Benjamin Franklin Plumbing are available in markets around the country 24/7 to remedy plumbing situations and offer free estimates, emergency plumbingdrain cleaning, water filtration and other water-saving plumbing services.