Sloan, a manufacturer of commercial plumbing systems, is helping reduce water abuse in institutional restrooms through its Programmed Water Technologies (PWT), an innovative system that monitors and controls water usage.

An advanced way to control and conserve water, the PWT system is designed to minimize water abuse by controlling the length of showers and the number of flushes in a given time period. Through highly configurable components, such as flushometers, controllers, manifolds, buttons, showerheads and a PC-based software management program, facility managers can easily track and adjust water usage settings for institutional restrooms through an advanced, intuitive system.

To learn more, facility managers can download Sloan’s PWT System Overview Guide, which includes in-depth information on how PWT can be used, details on individual components and much more.

“An essential task for any facility maintenance team is taking a proactive approach to tracking and managing water supply,” said Faye Badger, Sloan PWT and Internet of Things product line manager. “Sloan’s PWT System Overview Guide is an invaluable resource for facility managers to learn how PWT reduces water usage while also cutting costs and helping prevent vandalism and tampering.”

Ideal for new or existing projects, PWT controls every drop of water throughout a facility. In fact, facilities outfitted with PWT report a 35% annual reduction in water usage.

Sloan’s PWT system is designed for a variety of institutional settings, including:

  • Prisons and Correctional Facilities – Sloan’s tamper-resistant designs keep facilities clean while keeping inmates safe;
  • Behavioral Health Facilities – Staff can preempt repairs, malfunctions and vandalism, allowing more time to focus on patient needs;
  • Hospitals – Controlled water usage and system alerts help keep hospitals running smoothly to optimize patient care; and
  • Sport Facilities – Sloan’s smart systems are tough enough to withstand gameday traffic while conserving water.

The PWT system consists of several networkable products that offer different levels of security, control, and scalability, including control of toilet systems, shower systems and complete restrooms. PWT products are designed to be independent of other systems to easily integrate and configure into any type of project.

PWT’s user-friendly management console interface provides facility maintenance teams with access to the status and usage patterns of the fixtures in their network and the data to keep them running. In addition, PWT management software helps prevent vandalism and misuse by allowing for localized valve lockouts at the touch of a button. This helps maintenance staff address system alerts faster and better control the run time before viewing a report history of each device.

For the latest information on Sloan’s PWT system and its new System Overview Guide, visit Sloan’s website.