Ford Pro Intelligence is making it easier than ever for commercial customers to benefit from telematics to help boost their businesses’ productivity – whether they’re deploying gas-powered or electric vehicles – with complementary data services. 

Ford Pro Telematics Essentials is a complimentary web-based application that is available to all commercial customers using gas-powered Ford vehicles with embedded modems. As a complimentary telematics service offering by an automaker for the life of a Ford vehicle, Ford Pro Telematics Essentials is not just making vehicle data more accessible – it also is providing new features to customers such as easy maintenance scheduling to help boost fleet uptime and productivity.

“No matter how big or small a commercial fleet may be – and whether it’s fully electric or not – vehicle data plays an important role in improving uptime and efficiency,” said Brent West, general manager, Ford Pro Intelligence. “Both Ford Pro E-Telematics and Ford Pro Telematics Essentials provide key information and abilities to fleet managers through an intuitive interface – at no additional charge.”

Ford Pro Telematics Essentials is designed to help fleet managers operate their fleets more efficiently, providing instant odometer readings, diagnostic trouble codes, recall notifications, trackable maintenance alerts and information around engine hours and oil life. It will even relay warning lights so that managers can resolve issues faster, improve uptime and potentially avoid costly repairs. And all this information is conveyed to fleet operators through a dashboard on a computer that makes it easy to see where your fleet stands without relying on drivers to report issues.

Ford commercial customers can go online now to enroll in the service – which is complimentary for the life of their Ford vehicles – by going to Fleet operators can now receive three years of complimentary access when signing up for this service, which is designed to help manage their electric vehicle fleet and effectively control energy use costs with charging insights.

With Ford Pro E-Telematics, fleet managers gain access to an intuitive dashboard to monitor electric vehicle battery range and charger locations, state of charge and energy consumption, with notifications and alerts that ensure vehicles are always charged and ready to go. 

Ford will continue to improve feature offerings within Ford Pro Telematics Essentials. In October, Ford introduced the ability for fleet managers to search for dealers and schedule maintenance services via a link from the telematics dashboard once they have been alerted that a vehicle needs service.