Stocking super glue

We keep super glue on the truck for any time we run into needing an O-ring, but don't have the exact size. We take two O-rings, cut them and then glue them together to form the correct size. The cut has to be straight, and it works like a charm.

Dale Mast  //  Mast Plumbing Co. 
Jetersville, Virginia


THROWBACK – September 2014

Saving fasteners with Teflon tape

To avoid breaking or stripping fasteners and to make fastening into hardwood easier, I always wrap a little Teflon tape around the threads. It lubricates the threads but won’t leave any residue behind if the item is going to be stained or treated in some way. It is especially useful for weak screws or screwing in large lag bolts to hardened wood.

Alan Wargaski  //  Mercury Mechanical Contracting
Mountainside, New Jersey


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