Being an avid surfer in a community that revolves around the beach and ocean, Josh Martin, president and owner, knew “Seaside Plumbing” would be the perfect name for his company.

He started the company in 2003, on his 21st birthday, and soon afterward he met his wife, Lauren Martin, vice president and co-owner. The company operated mostly in new construction for 15 years before switching entirely to service two years ago. Including the couple, there are 19 employees and a total of nine vehicles — five of which are wrapped (the 2019 and 2020 T250 medium roof vans).

“We are all big fans of these vans,” Josh Martin says. “There is lots of room to stand up inside as well as lots of storage room. It is good on gas mileage and is easily maneuverable through city streets.”

The wrap design — which was done by Kickcharge Creative’s Dan Antonelli — features a sea turtle with a hat and wrench, and the company slogan, “In a sea of ordinary, choose extraordinary!”

“We were hoping to have more of a ‘brand’ and stick out more to customers,” Lauren Martin says. “We wanted a look that said ‘new, different and fresh.’ We also wanted to give off a family-oriented vibe.”

Kickcharge specifically used colors that popped and were different from all the local competition. The graphics company also designed the sea turtle mascot.

“We really liked the idea of the sea turtle because we are near the beach,” she says. “Also, it is important to know that although land turtles are quite slow, sea turtles move quickly.” 

Aside from the standard marketing stuff, the plumbing company also tries to get as involved as possible in local events and give back to the community. They run promotions throughout the year, including donating $5 from every call to the “charity of the month,” i.e. breast cancer awareness month or a veteran’s charity for November. They also participate in the Berlin, Maryland Bath Tub Races every summer — where local businesses race bathtubs down Main Street.