Avoiding valve replacement

This tool tip made my co-worker and our customer so happy that he made one and wrote my name on it. Some may know this trick, but it’s always a good share for others who may not know. It works on the bonnet nut for Delta single handle shower valves. Often the bonnet nut can become stuck. Just tighten the 2” fernco on it with a PC of pipe on the other side, and off it comes allowing for cartridge replacement. This avoids costly valve replacement when not needed.

Jesse Beckwith

Service Plumber

Greenville, South Carolina

Toilet water removal

When evacuating water from a toilet tank or bowl, I use an inexpensive multi-use transfer pump with two 51” hoses, which you can cut to size. Place one end in the tank or bowl and the other end in the lav sink, shower, tub drain or pushed through the commode drain. Then just pump out the water. No mess, no Styrofoam cup, no heavy shop vac to carry in — simple, clean and efficient.

Edward King

King Plumbing

Cortland, Ohio

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