Blue Monster Advantage closet bolts with their patented broached-tip design indicating the direction of the bolt’s foot underneath the flange, are now available in 1/4” and 5/16” diameter sizes. The closet bolts feature raised knobs on the underside of the foot that prevent movement after setting the toilet. These unique closet bolts are machined to facilitate a clean “break-off” at the desired level, eliminating the need to saw the bolt at the proper length. This action takes seconds, prevents marking the china with a saw and provides a secure fit for the universal bolt cap. It also allows for easy removal of the nut if disassembly is required. Each kit contains 2 solid brass bolts, 2 brass open-end acorn hex nuts, 2 brass traditional hex nuts, 2 nylon Tinnerman nuts and 4 stainless steel washers. The Mill-Rose Co.