Blue Monster LUBE-JOB, a pipe joint lubricant that simplifies assembly of all types of pipelines (especially potable water systems) without swelling gaskets, is formulated from a biodegradable blend of lubricity enhancers and soaps creating a unique lubricant that flows into cavities when mating abutting pipes, effectively sealing joints. The soft, creamy formula spreads on easily to give superior lubrication, performing well in extreme temperatures from -10° F to 150° F. LUBE-JOB is petroleum and phosphate free — a special low-VOC blend of raw materials common in the lubricant and soap industries. LUBE-JOB dissipates and will not leave a residue when flushed in accordance with recommended AWWA procedures. It will not irritate the skin, is non-toxic, and cleans up easily using soap and warm water. Blue Monster LUBE-JOB is certified to meet NSF / ANSI Standard 61-G for potable water pipelines.