How to become a psychologist and therapist in one easy lesson: Open a mechanical contracting firm! With absolutely no disrespect intended towards those who are degreed in those professions, mechanical contractors and their employees offer practical solutions to issues that vex customers. They remove stress, anxiety and pamper customers with indoor comfort, sanitary plumbing and, in many cases, reduce their operating expenses while providing superior service.


The ailments

“Our second floor (where the bedrooms are) is 10° warmer in summer, and we must crank the AC down so far to sleep comfortably that you could hang meat on the first floor!”

If I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard that complaint, I’d be writing this column from my private island in the Caribbean. Before inverter mini-splits, we had fewer options. Those options included adding the proper return airflow from the upper floor well above head height with a summer/winter damper, which is seldom feasible, and installing zone dampers and daisy chaining them together by zone while adding a zone control panel and thermostat(s) with wireless thermostats, making this far easier to accomplish. And, while we haven’t used any yet, I have seen ads for motorized supply registers, but they weren’t inexpensive and you will need a bypass relief damper if more than a few are installed.