We live on The Isle of Long, which means that if you throw a rock you’ll hit a large, chrome-plated diner. These palaces of gastronomy have just about anything you could want for any meal of the day and the food arrives on the table seconds after you decide what you want, and often even before.

We’ll be looking at a laminated menu, so heavy it could break your lap if dropped. The waitress will jog by and dump a bowl of pickles and coleslaw on our table. We didn’t ask for; it’s just her way of saying, “Here, eat this; I’ll be right back.”

We went for breakfast recently and there was a new page in the thick plastic menu for those who choose to eat healthy. Eating healthy is something relatively new to Long Island diners. We’re all still getting used to it, and it’s probably going to take a while.

The Power Omelet caught The Lovely Marianne’s eye. It consisted of egg whites, spinach and avocado and it came with lettuce and tomatoes and whole-wheat toast. Butter was optional. The price was $8.49.

“This looks good,” TLM said. “Healthy!”

I nodded and said nothing because I had my eye on the Fred Flintstone Omelet, which comes with a free CPR session.

“But then there’s this one,” TLM said. “It’s the Powerhouse Omelet.”

“What’s in that one?” I said.

“Egg whites, avocado and spinach,” she said.