Founded by a U.S. Army veteran and currently owned by a Marine Corps veteran, All Types Plumbing and Drain has been serving Utah’s Tooele Valley and Salt Lake City Valley since 1992. And now, the company’s vehicles reflect its proud legacy of service to both country and community.

“We are veteran-owned and -operated and never say no to any project, no matter the time of day,” says Alan Smith, owner and general manager of All Types. “We love the idea of showing respect for not only the flag but for the plumbing trade.”

The company was originally named D&D — Drains and Drips — until the original owner, Army veteran Dave Zuckerman, ran an advertisement saying they work on “all brands and all types of plumbing.”

“All Types Plumbing stuck,” says Smith, who began his career in a high school plumbing class and met Zuckerman years later while installing his new septic tank. Smith took over All Types when Zuckerman retired in 2014.

The company now has six employees — four in the field and two in the office — and performs 75% commercial and 25% residential work, concentrating mostly on  service, excavation and remodel jobs. All Types’ specialty, however, is service emergency plumbing.

“We supply emergency service for Walmart stores in Utah, Nevada and Wyoming,” Smith says.

All Types Plumbing and Drain is a member of Service Roundtable and Zip Solutions, and its slogan is, “We work on all brands and all types.”

“That means we never say no and still try to learn something new every day,” Smith says.


Stars and stripes

All Types Plumbing and Drain has four plumbing service truck and an excavation new-construction pickup truck. Vehicles include a 2016 Ford E-350, two 2017 Ford Transits and a 2006 Chevy 3500. The 2016 Ford E-350’s truck body is made by Supreme, and both 2017 Transits are by Knapheide Mfg. Co.

“I like the E-350 Service body the most because it has the most room in the back of the truck to carry all drain-cleaning equipment and service plumbing parts needed to complete most jobs,” Smith says. “It can also carry two water heaters at the same time and still have room to store more, if needed.”

Queen of Wraps in Salt Lake City, Utah, wrapped the vehicles.

“We came up with the look by thinking of a way that we can show our respect for our country and the plumbing trade,” Smith says. “That and the flag stands for America, were you can achieve anything you want if you are willing to work for it.”

The goal was to stand apart from other plumbers in the area, and so far, so good, Smith says.

“Most trucks just have the name and plumbing service with a logo and list of services. I was hoping to go with a look and be remembered when trying to locating us online,” Smith says. “It has worked so far.”