Appropriate Designs, in collaboration with Capraro Technologies, has released HydroSketch, a cloud-based software tool for making piping and electrical schematics associated with hydronic systems.

HydroSketch was created for those who need to quickly and easily create schematic drawings for hydronic heating or cooling systems. It is designed for those who have had little if any previous experience with computer drawing software.

HydroSketch is not just another CAD software offering. It is simple, fast, intuitive and less expensive than most traditional CAD software.

Users can create professional-looking full color schematics in minutes. These drawings can be easily added to project proposals, sales presentations, or printed for use by installers. These schematics provide accurate and lasting documentation of systems.

HydroSketch works on any internet connected laptop or desktop computer that can run the Google Chrome web browser. Since it is cloud-based, users will always be working with the latest version of the software, eliminating the need to download and install periodic updates.

HydroSketch comes preloaded with symbol libraries for both piping and electrical components. The symbol libraries are based on the textbook “Modern Hydronic Heating” 3rd Edition, by PM columnist and principal of Appropriate Designs John Siegenthaler. HydroSketch also comes with some basic system templates that can serve as starting points for further system layouts.

All drawings created in HydroSketch are saved on secure servers. Schematics can also be exported to the user’s computer or passed between multiple users as e-mail attachments.

HydroSketch also allows users to create their own custom component symbols, and take advantage of expanded drawing libraries and symbols created by the software developers.

For more information and a free trial of HydroSketch, visit