PM columnist John Siegenthaler's Pellet Boiler Boot Camp is a single-day “deep dive” into the operating characteristics of modern pellet-fueled boilers — and how to seamlessly integrate them into both retrofit and new construction applications. The instruction is filled with real-world lessons learned and situations to avoid. This is advanced material not covered in the boiler manufacturers’ training. 
The course qualifies for continuing education credits from:
• The American Institute of Architects (AIA);
• The Building Performance Institute (BPI); and
• MA Construction Supervisor License (CSL).
Additionally, Jonathan Parrot will take attendees through Massachusetts' Alternative Portfolio Standards (APS) to learn how the Commonwealth’s Global Warming Solutions Act can reduce customers' heating cost through Alternative Energy Credits (AECs). Jeff Rubin, executive director at Sustainable Heating Outreach and Education, will also share specific tools attendees can use to speak authoritatively with their customers about why pellet boilers matter to climate change, sustainable forests, local jobs and the regional economy. 
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