On the competitive Central Coast of California, Griffin Plumbing has been making a name for itself for the past 15 years. And now, thanks to a recent rebranding effort, the company is getting even more positive attention.

“People are always saying to me that they see our trucks all over the place,” Griffin Plumbing President and co-owner Jeremy Griffin says. “When they find out that we are a six-truck operation, they are surprised.”


Healthy growth

Jeremy Griffin and his wife, Joy Griffin, founded Griffin Plumbing in Orcutt, California, in 2003; the company currently serves San Luis Obispo and Northern Santa Barbara counties.

“At the time we started, we were heavily involved in new construction of custom homes, remodels involving contractors, and repair,” Joy Griffin says. “A few years ago, our company refocused our efforts on only residential repair and light commercial repair, and over the last few years, our company has seen healthy growth.”

Currently, the company employs 11 individuals, including the Griffins’ teenage son; four of the employees are in the office while the other seven are in the field. The company provides residential repair, residential remodels, leak detection and repairs, service line replacement, water heater, water treatment, backflow testing and repair, trenchless sewer repair and commercial repair services.

“Griffin has been on a growing trend lately,” says Alayna Ericson, Griffin’s media coordinator. She adds that Griffin Plumbing has an A+ rating with the BBB.

“The base of our solid foundation is our commitment to excellence as we conduct our business in a professional, ethical, profitable, humble and thankful manner,” Joy Griffin says. “My husband is known in our area as a very knowledgeable plumber who can get a job complete properly. He is a problem solver.”


Ferocious marketing

In addition to its trucks, Griffin also markets through regionally specific billboards, helpful and informative blog posts, creative Facebook posts and radio ads. Their main slogan — “Plumbing Woes? Call the Pros!” — can be found on the side of the company’s vehicles, and they also use the headline “Good News Comes in a Griffin Truck” in some of its advertising.

“The overall Griffin branding draws inspiration from vintage WWII-era poster illustrations,” Ericson says. “Bold headlines pair with heroic imagery to establish Griffin as the local hero that can always be counted on to get the job done right.”

Griffin also proudly displays its Technical Seal of Safety, which “means we have completed background and drug tests for every new hire at time of employment” Joy Griffin says. They also regularly conduct training and host monthly service and installation meetings, she adds.

Griffin Plumbing’s fleet includes a 2014 Ram 3500 Promaster Cargo 159” WB EXT-High Roof, a 2016 Ram 3500 Promaster Cargo 159” WB EXT-High Roof, and a P/2000 125 Isuzu Box Truck 12’6” Model. The vehicle wraps were designed by 20|20 Creative Group in San Luis Obispo, California, and feature a lion as tribute to the Griffin family name.

“A lot of businesses don’t do full wraps of their vehicles, and when they do, it’s often visually busy and disjointed with too many things competing for your attention,” Joy Griffin says. “Our design is a clean and cohesive wrap around the entire vehicle that is eye-catching, professional, and memorable so people will remember to call Griffin Plumbing if they have any ‘plumbing woes.’”

The design has gained the company a lot of positive attention, and Joy and Jeremy Griffin say they could not be more pleased.

“People assume that we are a much larger company,” Jeremy Griffin says. “Having the good-looking wrapped trucks helps with the branding as well as portraying our professionalism.”


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