Fluidmaster introduces Pro Series Better Than Wax toilet seals – a superior solution to an old problem by eliminating the inconvenience and messiness of traditional wax rings.

Pro Series Better Than Wax has all the traditional benefits of wax products with a few modern upgrades. It fits both 3” and 4” drain lines and is stackable for recessed flange applications. Plus, it won’t melt in the truck on a hot day, and can be repositioned if the toilet needs to be lifted and reseated during a project while still providing that secure sealing action. Also, it won’t leave stains or residue on floors.

Backed by a 10-year warranty, bolt hole guides for quick installation, and detailed video instructions, the product is said to be extremely durable, can fit any drain and toilet and will not melt.

“We know plumbers are looking for quicker, more effective products that will save time, money, and ensure their clients are satisfied,” stated Todd Talbot, Fluidmaster president. “Our PRO Series Better Than Wax delivers on this promise, and is a great addition to our Fluidmaster PRO line of products, built for the hard-working plumbers and our loyal customers.”