Fluidmaster introduces its Pro Series Flappers exclusively designed for plumbing professionals. The flappers are built to last, Fluidmaster notes, with Microban technology protection that actively inhibits bacteria growth that contributes to flapper breakdown. Made from high-quality rubber, the flappers can stand up to the harshest water conditions, and feature an adjustable dial for maximum performance, water savings, and are chlorine and hard-water resistant. The flappers are designed with a solid frame for the best seal every time to eliminate any twisting. Also included is a 12” kink-free metal chain to ensure the user does not need to jiggle the handle to get the toilet to stop running. The complete line of flappers will fit 1.28-, 1.6- and 3.5-plus-gpf toilets on both 2” and 3” flush valves.

Fluidmaster. www.fluidmaster.com