Service World Expo officials announced that co-owner of HVAC Capital Partners Jacki Bradbury will speak at Service World Expo on “The Invisible Power of Company Culture — Shape It, Grow It and Harness Its Unlimited Power!”

“I like the confidence and the go-getter attitude this presentation provides,” Service World Business Advisor John LaPlant said. “A strong and reliable team should never be overlooked in any line of business. Bradbury has always been an advocate of women in small business. Her educational background is in human resource management which she believes is key to her continual success in starting and operating small businesses.

This breakout only scratches the surface on the infinite universe of company culture, but it will present the tools needed to develop and maintain a powerful culture. Although invisible, company culture has the “super human” power to make an explosive impact on success and growth. Jacki teaches how to harness this energy to expand outcomes and results so a company can become the best it can be. 

Service World Expo is the bold, must-attend conference, trade show, and networking event for residential contractors involved in Plumbing, HVAC or Electrical service who want to ignite growth and performance in their companies. Held Sept. 7-8 at Mandalay Bay Hotel in Las Vegas, the event will encompass compelling content, cutting-edge educational breakouts, a product showcase that is more tailgate party than tradeshow and out-of-this-world entertainment events.

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