Nexstar Network is thrilled to announce the addition of Heath Betts and Jeff Stagnoli to its coaching bench. Former Training Accountability Coach Gresham Ard is moving into a business coaching role.

Betts will move into the training accountability coach position formerly occupied by Ard. Nexstar Director of Coaching Scott Pearson said this will be a smart move for the company.

“Jeff and Gresham are strong additions to our business coaching team,” Pearson said. “I know they, and Heath, will continue to provide the high level of expertise and support that our members are used to!”

Betts has more than 30 years of experience in the HVAC trade and held many different roles during that time, from technician to manager of multiple shop locations, regional trainer, and coach.

What excites me about being part of Nexstar is that we are a true member organization,” Betts said. “We ... invest in, support, and deliver to our members’ desires and needs.”

In moving to his new business coaching role, Ard is looking forward to working with the leadership among the member residential service companies.

“A company is the reflection and legacy of those who lead it,” Ard said. “As a business coach, I get to work with those leaders to help them discover what it is that they truly want, both in life and for their business, and support them in creating a plan and sustaining their motivation to achieve it.”

Ard has worked with Nexstar members for the last two years as training accountability coach. Nexstar training accountability coaches assist with strategies to ensure that training concepts taught in the in-person Nexstar training classes are enforced and practiced.

Stagnoli has more than 25 years in the HVAC and plumbing trades, working in the field and in sales, marketing and management. Similarly to Ard, Stagnoli will be working closely with owners and upper management at member companies.

“I have had the opportunity to experience many of the challenges that most business leaders face daily — and many curveballs that only happen once in a lifetime,” Stagnoli said. “My passion is to take these experiences and help others navigate and enrich and grow their businesses and their employees' lives. My goal is to be a reliable resource for our members to turn to anytime they need guidance, accountability or just an ear to bend, as running a business often puts you in uncharted waters.”

Betts and Stagnoli join a team of 38 dedicated coaches, trainers and support staff who work with plumbing, HVAC and electrical residential service contractors to help them improve their businesses.

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Source: Nexstar Network