Nexstar Network, a member-owned organization that helps plumbing, electrical and heating and cooling contractors grow their businesses, announced Julian Scadden will be named president and CEO on Nov. 1. Jack Tester, who has commendably served as the president and CEO for 10 years, will stay on with Nexstar as a part-time leadership coach, helping members with leadership succession. The Nexstar board of directors voted unanimously on all aspects of this restructuring.

 Nexstar Chairman of the Board Phil Smitherman is pleased with the transition. “Jack has been a true leader for us all,” he says. “I am proud of the board’s decision and the position of strength Nexstar is in to accomplish a successful leadership succession. Julian is a principled, diligent person. We are lucky to have him as the future leader of Nexstar.”

Scadden has been in home services industry for 23 years. He has worked for two Nexstar members, as well as a large national home service company. He has been with Nexstar for the past seven years. Scadden was hired as the first implementation coach, then moved to managing the training and events team before spending the last three years as vice president of operations.

“Julian is the right choice — he’s the board’s choice and my choice, for sure," Tester said. "I am confident in him. I’m confident in our leadership team. I’m excited for Nexstar, and excited to see where Julian takes Nexstar as the new president and CEO.”

“As Nexstar has grown, Jack has educated, grown and walked every mile with each of us,” Scadden said. “We’re all here to create something bigger than ourselves, and that can be intimidating or inspiring. I’ve been so inspired in my seven years here that I passionately threw my hat into the ring to be the next CEO of Nexstar, and I’m honored, as well as humbled, to have been selected.”