The mining industry is often simply associated with the process of digging holes in the ground, but there is much more to it than that. While the large scale of most mining operations is hard to overlook, something that few people consider is that tasks like gas fitting and plumbing are also extremely important when it comes to any mining situation — it is much more complicated than simply purchasing a latest-edition mine truck and equipment and digging that hole.

All types of mining involve mess and dirt, which is where plumbing takes a prominent position in ensuring that any mining operation, such as oil sand mining, is carried out in an efficient and tidy manner. Plumbing even goes as far as being able to support the mining workforce in their tasks by providing all the necessary facilities they need.


When it comes to mining construction, it is important to remember that water is an essential part in not only the removal of unwanted water through draining, but also in distributing water to other areas where it is most needed.

Plumbers even go as far as taking responsibility for the pipework associated with cooling and heating; they also tend to work with all manner of other professionals, such as bricklayers and joiners, and help to ensure that the entire mining operation flows.

Plumbers play a key part in making sure that those who work and live on the site of a mine are working in an environment with a high standard of sanitation — this is achieved through sanitary plumbing systems and work to ensure protection from disease-carrying waste. Plumbers work diligently to assess how much water is passed through a fixture, which typically depends on the amount of people who live in the area, and then go on to create accurate designs that ultimately ensure sanitary sewer lines are always available.

Despite mining being such a labor-intensive process, many take it for granted and are unaware that up to 800 employees can work on any given site. This means that facilities need to be adequate enough to cater to employees’ needs.

Along with making mining sites safe and comfortable, plumbers also work to ensure that repairs are carried out swiftly on all fixtures and pipes and that blockages are quickly eliminated. They also work to service roofs, gutters and appliances.


Something that is also coming into question recently is the need for a more green and eco-friendly approach to mining plumbing. The Master Plumbers and Gas Fitters Association is currently looking support the plumbing industry in making training and skills development available.

The great thing about plumbing is that is opens up a lot of scope for work in all kinds of arenas and industries, with mining being a fantastic example. Skilled plumbers in the mining and construction industry are something that will never stop being used. The speciality of this trade and the fact that it has yet to be mechanised to a huge extent shows that it is something that will continue to be in demand for years to come.

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