Here’s the last three deadly sins your techs commit…or hopefully, they won’t! The first four sins can be found here in Part 1.


5.    Not using floor covering.

Even if you use shoe covers the customer is still worried about their floors when you begin to move stuff in and out of the home.

Ex: The old toilet that can drip and leak on their new white carpet.

No matter how much you wiped it down, stuffed in rags and such, the fear is real for the customer.

Using floor covering like red rosin paper, cardboard, sticky back plastic, clean tarps demonstrates to the customer that you’re a professional and unlike the many other contractors they encountered before because you go the extra mile.

Stop and think what using floor covering costs vs. having to potentially pay for new carpeting or a lawsuit.


6.    Asking the customer to borrow their tools or ladder.

What kind of Tech would ask to borrow a customer’s tools? Plenty! How do I know? I’ve been on plenty of ride alongs. Sometimes, they’re just too lazy to make one more trip to their truck. Sometimes, they’re working in an area where the customer’s tools are in front of them so they think, what the heck.

Even if no damage is done. Damage is done. It dilutes the message that you’re a fully trained Tech with all the tools and equipment to do a professional job.


7.    Using the customer’s bathroom even if they give permission.

Hey, we’ve all been in the field working when Mother Nature calls. The natural instinct is to use the customer’s bathroom. Don’t. If you use it without permission, you’re really ticking them off. If you ask permission, they’ll probably say yes but they don’t really means it. They don’t want you in their highly personal space other than to do the work you must and get out. Using their most personal space for your personal reasons is highly invasive.

Think ahead before you run a call and stop at a fast food joint, convenience store, gas station or any other public facility. When you need be, tough it out.


Avoid the 7 Deadly Sins that a Tech can commit and find yourself on a much more heavenly path to happy customers and bigger profits.


Is Your Management Team Working Toghether As a Team?...Not likely!

But, it doesn’t have to be that way. Don’t take my word for it:

Before Al arrived, the management team that is comprised of a lot of family members were all heading their own departments and headed their own way. We were anything but a cohesive team working together.

Now with Al’s help, we have an Organizational Chart that shows all of us managers and team members how each departments fit together. We now also run highly focused-weekly management and department meetings that have helped us come together both as a department and as part of a united team.

The work on making the Top Five #1 Project list come to life has allowed the managers to improve their individual departments while working together as a team to the benefit of the whole John Betlem Heating & Cooling organization and the customers we serve.”


Kathy Betlem

John Betlem Heating & Cooling

Rochester, NY"


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