When campers arrive for the first time next summer at Camp Southern Ground, the Georgia camp founded by Grammy Award-winning artist Zac Brown for children of all abilities ages 7-17, they’ll have plenty of hot water, thanks to a donation of a commercial-grade Rinnai Tankless Rack System with three tankless water heaters.

The gift from Rinnai America Corp. will provide an endless supply of hot water for the concessions area, restrooms and shower facilities in the camp’s 12,000-sq.-ft. Shade and Play Pavilion, which is currently under construction.

“Thanks to Rinnai’s generosity, Camp Southern Ground will be a step closer to serving campers in 2016 and helping them achieve excellence today and throughout their lives,” said Rob Parker, CEO for Camp Southern Ground. “Zac and our camp board members are thrilled with this remarkably generous gift from our friends at Rinnai.”

As one of the camp’s “Core Essential” buildings, the Shade and Play Pavilion will provide campers a place for recreational play shaded from the hot summer sun. The pavilion will include a multiuse court for basketball and other sports, a storage room and a patio area for hosting cookouts and gatherings.

The Shade and Play Pavilion also will play an important role in supporting the camp’s 15-acre organic farm and educating campers about the importance of proper nutrition and the health benefits of organic eating. Its commercial concessions kitchen and walk-in coolers will provide cleaning and storage areas when fruits and vegetables are harvested, as well as support the camp’s farm-to-table approach to cooking.

“Tankless is a smart choice for places like Camp Southern Ground, where the facilities are not needed year-round, but when they are, the demand for hot water is high,” said Frank Windsor, general manager of Rinnai America. “Additionally, the camp will enjoy the peace of mind provided by the redundancy of multiple tankless units, space savings, energy efficiency and reduced overall cost of ownership — allowing them to focus on their mission of making camp an unforgettable experience for every child who visits.”

Rinnai Tankless Rack Systems provide energy-, space- and cost-savings compared to traditional domestic water boilers and storage tank water heaters in commercial applications such as hotels, restaurants, schools, health care and multifamily housing. More details about these models, which are available for applications ranging from 199,000 Btu up to 4.9 million Btu through Rinnai wholesale distribution, can be found at rinnai.us/commercial.

“Supporting the community and the amazing work of local organizations like Camp Southern Ground is one of the core philosophies for Rinnai and its employees,” said Takashi Sonoda, president of Rinnai America. “We are happy to be able to help in every way that we can, especially in investing in our future through our community’s children.”