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Bosch Thermotechnology introduces a new, compact, water-source heat pump designed for use in retrofit or replacement applications. The new FHP LV model is a single-stage, water-source heat pump, available in 1/2 ton to 6 tons, and is outfitted with the latest in compressor, blower motor and heat transfer technologies. It exceeds ASHRAE 90.1 efficiency standards and is suitable for either water loop or geothermal applications.

Its small, galvanized steel cabinet — available in horizontal or vertical (up-flow or down-flow) configurations — is one of the most compact heat pump offerings in the industry. Horizontal cabinets come standard with blower systems that can be easily reconfigured from end to straight discharge in a matter of minutes. The vertical cabinet’s blower assembly can be selected for top or side discharge to meet different ducting configurations.

Quiet operation is achieved by a unique sound package that reduces vibration transmission to the cabinet and decreases unwanted noise in the occupied space. Additionally, the LV blower package is designed to minimize air discharge noise. 

The LV model features a ring standard multispeed PSC blower motor with a removable blower housing. The blower motor/fan wheel assembly can be quickly and easily removed without removing the entire blower housing to replace the motor.  

A copper coaxial heat exchanger is a standard feature on the LV model. When water quality is in question, an optional corrosion-resistant cupro-nickel alloy coaxial heat exchanger is available to enhance the life of the unit.

Other options include:

  • Internally mounted two-way motorized valves open only on a call for heating and cooling to reduce energy usage;
  • Externally mounted water pumps for moving the necessary fluid flow through the water-source heat pump in single-pipe applications;
  • On/off or modulating hot gas reheat coils to prevent over-cooling during the dehumidification process;
  • Passive dehumidification when outfitted with an ECM-EON blower motor;
  • Tin-plating on the copper hairpins and polyester-polymer-coated aluminum fin to protect the air coil against adverse return air conditions;
  • High efficiency X13 or ECM-EON blower motors are available for high static applications;
  • Waterside economizer to provide free cooling with lower entering fluid temperatures; and
  • Hot gas bypass to prevent cooling coil freeze-ups for low-CFM applications or where units are sized for heating and have excess cooling capacity