More than 80% of builders report that energy efficiency is making today's homes greener compared to two years ago. Use of energy-efficient features is pervasive in the market - the top practice by nearly all surveyed builders and remodelers, regardless of their level of green building activity. This comes from a report produced by McGraw-Hill Construction in conjunction with the National Association of Home Builders and Waste Management - the free SmartMarket Report: "New and Remodeled Green Homes: Transforming the Residential Market."

The report also notes that around two-thirds of builders and remodeler respondents state that customers request green homes or remodeling projects in order to lower their energy use or save money, more than twice any other factor.

These results complement survey findings by theConsortium for Energy Efficiency regarding the EPA's Energy Star program. The 2011 report shows that the majority of American households recognize, understand and are influenced by the Energy Star label. Similar to last year's findings for 2010, 64% of households associate the Energy Star label with "efficiency or energy savings." A little more than 40% of households knowingly purchased an Energy Star-labeled product in the past 12 months, and of those, nearly 80% are likely to recommend an Energy Star product to others.